What are the advantages of LED tri proof light over ordinary lights?

Generally speaking, LED tri proof light and ordinary lighting equipment generally have advantages compared with others.

One of the most important points is that LEDs are environmentally friendly. Because of the ultraviolet and infrared rays in the LED spectrum, LEDs have low heat and no flicker, which protects eyesight when there is no flicker, and you do n’t have mercury because of the pollution-proof lamp And other harmful elements, so it is a real green lighting source.

tri proof light
LED tri proof light has a long life, and LED light source has a long life. Generally, the loose part does not appear in the lamp body, so the problems of filament luminescence, heating and easy burning will rarely occur. Therefore, the service life of the LED three proof lamp is generally 50,000 to 100,000 hours longer than the legend, and longer than the traditional light source More than ten times longer life, greatly reducing the cost of replacement and protection.

LED tri proof light is also very energy-saving, because it is very attributed to DC driving, so the related power consumption is very low. Under the same lighting, LED tri-proof light is more than 80% energy-saving than traditional light sources. . Because the LED energy-saving light source is used, its heating elements are generally planned for shell placement. Therefore, the separation of the light source cavity and the electrical appliances can effectively control the temperature rise of each component.