The working principle of led corridor sensor light

If people and objects (such as cars) move within the effective sensing range, or make sounds (yelling, high-five, bumping, etc.), the light source will automatically light up; the effective movement/sound will go out after about 1 to 2 minutes. With the light control circuit, it can be made into night type (lighting only when the environment is dim) or day and night type (lighting will be automatically turned on regardless of day and night);
In terms of the working principle of the sensor, there are three main types: voice control, human infrared and microwave radar;
From the product structure, there are split and integrated (sensor and light source);
In terms of product appearance or installation methods, there are screw bulbs, tubes, ceiling lights, downlights, ceiling lights, etc.
The application of LED light source in induction lamp products has promoted its advantages (long switch life, high luminous efficiency, small size, and easy control), and avoided shortcomings (the absence of continuous high temperature which causes light decay and low color rendering is often not a problem ). The benefits of power saving can quickly recover the early high investment, the super long life saves a lot of labor costs, and the automatic switch brings great convenience to people's lives, which is really worthy of vigorous promotion.
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