Several general cooling methods for led tube light

Many people are now led tube light. Generally, semiconductor light emitting diodes are used as the light source. Therefore, related LED street lights are highly energy-efficient and have ultra-low power consumption. Therefore, manufacturers planning to easily neglect the heat dissipation of the lamps.

In general, the height of a normal led tube light is about 6-12m, which is mainly divided into single-arm LED street lights and dual-arm LED street lights; in a general sense, the heat dissipation method of led street lights is divided into two types.

led tube light
One is passive cooling, which passes the natural convection of the surface of the lamp body of the LED street light and the air, which can dissipate the heat generated by the LED street light. There is also an automatic cooling head, which generally needs to add air on the surface of the radiator through water cooling and electric fans The flow speed takes away the heat from the heat sink and improves the cooling power.