Precautions for use and maintenance of triproof light

              Need to regularly remove the dust and dirt on the LED triproof light fixture shell, which helps to improve the light efficiency and heat dissipation performance of the lamp. The cleaning method can generally be based on the protective ability of the lamp housing, using a wet cloth wiped with water spray. When cleaning with water spray, the power supply should be cut off. It is strictly forbidden to scrub the plastic shell (transparent part) of the lamp with a dry cloth. This is to prevent the generation of static electricity.
             During the maintenance and inspection, it is necessary to check whether the transparent parts of the tri-proof lamp have been marked by the impact of foreign objects, and whether the protective net has been loosened, de-soldered or corroded. If so, it should be stopped and repaired and replaced in time.

             If the light source of the triproof light is damaged, the light should be turned off in time to notify the replacement, so as to avoid the LED triproof light because the light source cannot be turned on so that the electrical components such as the ballast are in an abnormal state for a long time. Remove and replace the sealing parts in time to ensure the protective performance of the shell.

            When opening the LEDtriproof light lamp cover, you need to open the cover after disconnecting the power according to the instructions of the warning sign. After opening the cover, you should check whether the LEDtriproof light flameproof joint is intact, whether the rubber seal is hard or sticky, whether the wire insulation is green and carbonized, and whether the insulation and electrical components are deformed and scorched. If these problems are found , It should be repaired and replaced in time. The sealed part of the lamp should not be disassembled and opened frequently.