Method for detecting air tightness of automobile headlights | high quality linear vapor tight light

Why should a car light be tested for its airtightness? If the car lights are not tightly sealed, water will enter the car lights when it rains, and the bulbs will explode when heated and exposed to water, so manufacturers need to test the air tightness of the car lights.
The airtightness leak detector is divided into positive pressure inspection and negative pressure inspection in the lamp industry.

1. Positive pressure check

1. The so-called positive pressure inspection means that according to the requirements of the industry and products, the workpiece is sealed with a clamp to connect the air source and the air tightness leak detector, set a certain standard value and beat, and fill the workpiece with a certain pressure of gas. So as to judge whether the workpiece is qualified.

2. Products tested: headlights, taillights, turn signals, license plate lamp assemblies and headlight housings;

3. Here, the A601 airtight leak detector produced by Hefei Yuanzhi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is selected to test the car lights. The detection accuracy of the A601 air tightness leak detector can be as low as 1Pa, and it uses a differential pressure sensor with a range of 2000pa, which has good stability.

4. The requirements for vehicle lamp detection parameters are as follows:

A. Pressure: Generally between 15-20KPa. If the pressure is too large or too small, the workpiece will be easily deformed or the result will not be detected.

B. Inner volume: The inner volume of car parts is generally ≤2L, and bus lights may be larger. The smaller the inner volume, the shorter the charging time, and the faster the detection.

C. Beat: the time used for detection, usually about 28 seconds, including 10 seconds for inflation, 10 seconds for balance, 5 seconds for detection, and 3 seconds for deflation.

D. Leakage rate: It is the standard value set according to the manufacturer's requirements. For example, most manufacturers require 30Pa, and the test result is less than 30Pa, and the result is less than 30Pa.

5. Test results

Tested 50 headlights, repeated the test for the same product every 30 minutes, and compared the data. The data obtained by the test is the same product. The maximum and minimum value difference is 1.8pa, the range is small, and the customer’s previous use Compared with the instrument, the range is reduced by 5pa, which greatly improves the accuracy of detection.
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