LED Tube Light | Advantages of LED fluorescent lamps

The following passages are going to sum up the advantages of LED fluorescent lamp.
1. Environmental friendly
Traditional fluorescent lamp contains large amount of mercury vapor which will do harm to the environment if the lamp is broken up and the vapor volatilize into the atmosphere. On the contrary, LED fluorescent lamp does not contain mercury or lead, doing no harm to the environment. So, LED products are recognized to be the green lighting lamps in the 21st century.
2. Low heat
Compared to traditional lamps which will generate a large amount of heat, LED lamps can directly make electric energy into light energy, causing less heat and no waste of the energy.
3. Noise-free
LED lamp will not produce any noise, enabling it to be a good choice for illumination application in high precision electrical instrument. It is also fit to be used in occasions like libraries, offices and so on.
4. Soft light beams and stroboflash-free
Traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, which will generate 100-120 times of stroboflash per second. As to LED fluorescent lamp, it can directly switch the alternating current into direct current, without causing any flickering, helpful to protect the eyes.
5. Free of ultraviolet radiation
Traditional lamps will generate ultraviolet radiation, thus will attract mosquitoes to fly around the lamps. LED lamp doesn’t have this disadvantage, thus the indoor space will become cleaner.
6. Wide-range of adjustable voltage
Traditional fluorescent lamp should recur to rectifier to release high voltage to get brighten up. If the voltage fell, the lamp will went out. However, LED lamps can be lighted within a certain voltage range (80V-245V) and its brightness can be adjusted.
7. Energy-saving, long life-span and low cost
The power consumption for LED fluorescent lamp is lower than 1/3 of the traditional lamp’s consumption, and the life span for it is 10 times longer than that of traditional one. So there is no need to change the lamp for a long period of time, reducing the manpower and other costs.
8. Rigid and safe
LED lamp body is made by epoxy resin instead of glasses like other traditional lamps. So it is more rigid and safe. Even if falling to the floor, LED lamp will not be broken easily. Users can set their heart at rest when using LED lamps.

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