LED linear light filament light bulb process

The led linear light filament lamp has a heat dissipation problem. The manufacturer will reduce the wattage of the LED filament lamp and reduce the heat generated when the LED filament lamp is lit, so the relative brightness will also decrease. However, the heat dissipation of LED filaments cannot increase the total wattage of the entire lamp assembly, but it is believed that ordinary light bulbs should become the main lighting source and the brightness should be around 1000 lumens. At present, the brightness of some LED incandescent lamps on the market is about 400 lumens. The current LED incandescent lamps can only be used as decorative lighting, not as main lighting.
The led linear light
    The led linear light filament bulb generates heat when the current passes through the filament. The spiral filament continuously gathers heat, making the filament temperature reach above 2000 degrees Celsius. When the filament is in the incandescent state, it emits light like the red iron can emit light. Come. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light emitted.

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