Lamp with good air tightness and assembling method thereof | good quality vaportight light

A special-shaped lamp with good airtightness, comprising a lamp body, characterized in that the lamp body is in the shape of a curved arc. A light source assembly and a light transmitting assembly are arranged in the arc, the light transmitting assembly is provided with a structure for enhancing air-tight protection of the light source assembly, and the lamp body is provided with a base at the lower part of the curved arc.

The face cover is fitted with the lamp body to form a lamp housing, the face cover is provided with a light-transmitting port, the lower part of the face cover is connected to the base; the light source assembly is located in the lamp body, so The light-transmitting component is located between the lamp body and the face cover.

An enclosure is provided in the lamp body, and the light source assembly is located in the enclosure.

The light source assembly includes a power source and a light source board, the power source is fixed on the inner wall of the lamp body, the light source board is provided with lamp beads, and the light source board is fixed obliquely above the power source through a heat dissipation bracket.

The light-transmitting component includes a lens, a decorative board, and a light-transmitting cover. The lens is fixed on the light source board and covers the lamp beads. The decorative board is provided with a card interface adapted to the lens. The decorative board is clamped on the lens through the card interface, the transparent cover covers the decorative board and then fits and connects with the enclosure board, and the lens is combined with the decorative board to form a second connection to the light source assembly. A layer of air-tight protection, a second layer of air-tight protection is formed by a light-transmitting cover.

Further, an upper bending portion and a lower bending portion are respectively provided on both sides of the decorative board, and the card interface is provided with a lens matching the outer contour of the lens above the side close to the upper bending portion. Shading cover ring.

Further, the light-transmitting cover is provided with a light-transmitting protrusion at a position corresponding to the decorative board, and the light-transmitting protrusion is matched with the light-transmitting port of the face cover and passes through the light-transmitting port Protruding outward.

Further, a sealing rubber ring is arranged between the transparent cover and the enclosure.

Further, a cable routing port is provided on the lower side of the enclosure.

Further, a mounting plate is provided at the bottom of the base.
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