Introduction to linear lights

Introduction to linear lights.
With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the appearance and performance of linear lights are constantly improving, and the applicable scenes are also more extensive. More and more lighting scenes are applied to linear elements, and compact and efficient lighting methods have been added. Sensory experience and visual art effects of space.

Linear lighting features:
Convenient installation: embedded installation has no future troubles;
Soft light: the color is truly restored, and the color is bright and full;
Customizable length: can be cut to size according to lighting requirements;
No border: No border after installation, which is more fashionable and avant-garde.
A variety of connection methods, a variety of color temperature options, a variety of materials, a variety of specifications and lengths and even a variety of power to meet the needs of different spaces, scenes, and lighting.

Linear lighting installation art effect

Linear lights are used as art installations and lamps, and they are also very aesthetic. The meticulous and uniform light can be freely changed and combined in the space, bringing basic lighting functions, but also showing great artistic appeal and showing its unique charm And space experience.