Introduction to led tube light and traditional fluorescent lamps

Led tube light are also commonly known as light tubes and fluorescent tubes, and the light source adopts LED as the luminous body. The traditional fluorescent tube is also called a fluorescent lamp. There is a filament at both ends of the lamp. The tube is filled with traces of argon and thin mercury vapor. The inner wall of the tube is coated with fluorescent powder. The gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet rays when conducting electricity. Make the phosphor emit visible light. led tube light have many advantages and are generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.

As led tube light are gradually becoming popular in the market, led tube light and traditional fluorescent tubes have a different power supply method. In order to let the majority of friends and users who care about this product know how to install this lamp. Today, I deliberately sorted out my personal experience, hoping to be helpful to everyone. Nowadays, led tube light are basically built-in power supplies, so they basically replace the original fluorescent lamps. The traditional fluorescent lamps are divided into two types: inductive fluorescent lamps and electronic fluorescent lamps. The following describes the replacement methods of these two different lamps:

1. Inductive fluorescent lamps: Basically, anyone with a little knowledge of electrical engineering knows that traditional fluorescent lamps have: bracket, ballast, starter, fluorescent tube, these four components, and only need to change to led tube light Unplug the starter and the replaced led tube light can be used normally. However, if you want to maximize power saving, you need to short-circuit and remove the ballast inside the bracket. The reason for this is that the ballast will continue to work if it is not removed, which will cause unnecessary waste of electrical energy.

2. Electronic fluorescent lamps: The transformation of electronic lamps is relatively troublesome, because the working mode of electronic lamps is completely different from that of ballasts, so when using this type of lamps, the electronic ballast in the bracket must be used. The device is completely short-circuited, so that the led tube light can be used normally.