How to tell what is a good LED Linear Light?

For high-quality LED Linear Light, an aluminum substrate is generally used as the light source circuit board. Because glass fiber boards are also good or bad, and some are better than aluminum substrates, so long as they are stable, then whether it is aluminum substrates or glass fiber boards, they are good circuit boards.

LED Linear Light basically uses aluminum as a heat sink. Generally, the larger the contact area between the heat sink and the air, the better. Therefore, this is very conducive to heat dissipation, and the whole lamp works stably, so the light attenuation is small. long life. Bulbs and ceiling spotlights must not have excessively large ventilation holes. This is to avoid mosquitoes from crawling in during use, otherwise it will affect the lighting effect and cause unnecessary damage to the LED line lights.

LED Linear Light
LED Linear Light light color is basically the same, basically there will be no yellow light or other light colors. If you don't know how to tell the difference, you can turn on the light and observe the change in light color to get the answer. LED Linear Light is generally very bright, because it is the same type of lamp of two brands, so under the same conditions, it is more difficult to judge the brightness by comparing with the eyes, so it is easier to hurt the eyes. vision. Therefore, we generally recommend that you cover the light source with white paper. After the attenuation of the light through the white paper, compare them, so that it is easier to see the difference in light brightness. The higher the brightness, the better.

When the LED line lamp has severe yellowing after long use, do not buy this kind of lamp. This is because the glue of the LED line lamp is too poor. There are many inferior glues sold on the market under the name of waterproof PU glue. Poor performance, easy yellowing and darkening. Similarly, the price is very different from normal waterproof PU glue, basically the price is more than double.