How to choose led ceiling light

led ceiling light
1. Determine the quantity and size
Before buying a ceiling lamp, you must determine how much you want to sell, so as to prevent repeated purchases in the later period, causing trouble. We can judge the quantity according to our own preferences and home decoration style. There are many sizes of ceiling lamps sold on the market, and we should choose and match them according to the area of ​​the room. If the ceiling area of ​​the room is large, you can choose a larger size to keep it coordinated, otherwise it will give people a sense of openness. If the area is small, you can choose a style with a smaller size, which will not make people feel awkward and depressing.

2. Choose a style
Ceiling lights come in a variety of styles, including square, round, and some with irregular shapes. The choice of style mainly depends on personal preferences, of course, different rooms are also suitable for different styles. The study and bedroom are relatively rigorous rooms, suitable for round styles, giving people a mild visual experience. The living room and dining room are places where the atmosphere is more active, so it is suitable for the square style, making the living room more spacious and bright, making people feel comfortable. The kitchen and bathroom area is small, suitable for small and relatively simple styles.

3. Coordinate with the interior decoration style
In order to maintain the overall beauty of the living room, the shape, style and color of the lamps need to be coordinated with the indoor furniture and decoration, so that the overall decoration effect can be exerted. If the shape is more abrupt, it will make people feel messy and affect the mood of the occupants. When buying a ceiling light, consider your own preferences.

4. Check the production materials and pay attention to the quality
The quality of the lamps and lanterns of the ceiling lamps is one of the important signs. Whether the lamps are durable or not, the materials are very important. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to checking the quality of the materials used for the lamps. Poor quality lamps tend to turn black and have a shorter lifespan. If the light emitted by the lampshade is uniform and has strong light transmittance, it means that the quality is good. When purchasing, we should carefully check whether there are obvious scratches or cracks on the surface, because after long-distance transportation of lamps, some problems will inevitably occur, which will affect the appearance. In addition, check whether there are marks on the surface, such as brand, voltage, etc., which can help consumers make purchases.