How much do you know about the advantages of led tube light

The traditional fluorescent tube contains a large amount of mercury vapor, if it is broken, the mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere, causing pollution. However, LED tubes do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain harmful substances such as lead. The shell can also be recycled, which has no destructive effect on the environment. LED tubes are recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

Traditional lamps use tungsten filaments to emit light, which will generate a lot of heat. LED lamps have a luminous efficiency of 140LM/W, a high light conversion rate, and the surface temperature of the product is below 60°C. It does not produce ultraviolet rays, nor does it produce documents or clothing. Fading phenomenon. The lamp does not produce noise, which is the best choice for occasions where precision electronic instruments are used. Suitable for occasions such as libraries and offices.

The traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, so it will produce 100-120 strobes per second. The led tube light uses LED constant current to work, which directly converts AC power to DC power, effectively reducing LED light decay, fast start-up, no flicker, and eye protection. The lamp tube does not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, and generates less heat. Therefore, unlike traditional lamps, there are many mosquitoes surrounding the lamp source. The interior will become cleaner, sanitary and tidy. This is the advantage of led tube light, do you understand?