do you know what is led tube light

Led tube light, commonly known as straight tube light, is a substitute for traditional fluorescent tubes, which is reflected in two aspects of energy saving and environmental protection. The size and installation method is the same as that of traditional fluorescent lamps, but the light-emitting principle is to use LED semiconductor chips to emit light. According to the shell material, it is divided into two categories, one is glass, the other is aluminum and PC. The luminous efficiency is 90lm/W~200lm/W.

LED tube light has a service life of more than 50,000 hours, no need for starters and ballasts, fast startup, low power, no stroboscopic, and not easy to eye fatigue. It is not only super energy-saving but also environmentally friendly. It is one of the key products developed by the national green energy-saving LED lighting market project.

The installation of led tube light is relatively simple. It is divided into two types: built-in power supply and external power supply. When installing the LED fluorescent lamp built in the power supply, remove the original fluorescent lamp and replace it with an LED fluorescent lamp, and remove the ballast and starter, so that 220V AC mains power can be directly added to both ends of the LED fluorescent lamp. The LED fluorescent lamp with external power supply is generally equipped with a special lamp holder, which can be used by replacing the original one.