Basic knowledge of LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is a kind of light that uses LED as the light source. Because it is installed inside the room, because the upper part of the LED ceiling light is relatively flat and installed close to the roof, it seems to be adsorbed on the roof, which is called LED ceiling light.
LED ceiling light has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy control, maintenance-free, safety and environmental protection. Generally, the diameter of LED ceiling light is about 200mm, which is suitable for use in aisles and bathrooms. The LED ceiling light with a diameter of 400mm should be installed on the top of the room no less than 16m2. Through the built-in controller of the microcomputer, the LED light source can realize the dimming and color matching of the LED ceiling lamp, the light color is soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, and green and environmental protection. LED ceiling lamp is a lamp that is adsorbed or embedded on the roof ceiling. It is the main lighting equipment in the room.