About the advantages of led tube light

led tube light has the following advantages, which are safe and reliable: the power supply has multiple protection functions such as lightning protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, open circuit protection, short circuit protection, etc., and meets the safety requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, harmonics, withstand voltage, insulation and other safety regulations.

Green and environmental protection: It meets the requirements of the European Rohs directive, and does not have the shortcomings of mercury and ultraviolet pollution of traditional fluorescent lamps. Constant DC current drives the LED to emit light, the light is pure and soft.

Durable and durable: The pure thermal conductive glass tube will never deteriorate and turn yellow, and the luminous maintenance rate is high. Professional and beautiful: made by professional lighting design masters, more understanding of market demand Super cost-effective: strong application alternative and cost-effective, more competitive advantages in the peers.